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Questions about products

How are our products made?

All our products are 3D printed. We evaluate the best 3D printing technology based on product size, detail and application. For example, we print all our miniatures with high-resolution DLP printers. On the other hand, we print large products such as sculptures or masks with very fast and accurate FDM technology printers.

What materials do you use in the production of the products?

Our DLP printers print with photopolymer, which we create ourselves by mixing  different resin types in the appropriate proportions  to obtain a durable and long-lasting material. We use various materials on our FDM printers - PETG, PLA, ASA, PC, COPA, TPU, etc. The material is selected according to the application of the product. For example, if it is a car part that is close to large temperature changes, we choose temperature-resistant materials. Likewise with products that are important to withstand the load. Then, accordingly, we use a material that is durable and rigid.

Is it possible to order a product with different parameters? For example, in a different size, color, etc.?

Yes, it is possible. In that case, contact us by writing an e-mail to

Questions about development and delivery

How long does it take to develop a product before it ships?

Usually 3 working days, but for larger/bulkier products (such as masks, sculptures or home decorations) it can be two weeks.

How much does delivery cost?

All products have free shipping. More about which countries we deliver to and other issues related to delivery can be found in the Terms of Use or in the Shipping and Returns sections.

I have not received my package. What shall I do?

First, look at the tracking number, what does it shows and where the package is. You may need to contact your post office. If the package is still missing, please contact us.

I want to return the item back. How do I do this correctly?

Read the Terms of Use, Section 5. Right of Withdrawal.

I entered the wrong delivery address. How do I fix this?

Contact us immediately before we ship the item.

Questions about Order on Demand

Can you model anything?

Theoretically, we can, but in practice, we currently focus on only two areas - scale models and car parts. The rest we do only for our store.

I have my own 3D model that I want to 3D print. Is it possible for you?

Yes, we do 3D printing of ready-made files. 3D printing requires an STL, OBJ, STEP or 3MF file format in the already prepared scale at which the finished model is required. You can read more about our possibilities in 3D printing here

I have an idea that I want to realize with the help of 3D printing. Can you make it happen?

Yes, we can help to realize various projects, and we can also recommend other solutions. Sometimes 3D printing is not the best solution. For example, for mass production, 3D printing is not the best choice, because the speed of 3D printers is not comparable to, for example, molds or plastic casting.

I need a 3D scan of a large object. Do you go to a costumer to do 3D scanning?

Unfortunately, no, because our 3D scanner needs to be connected to a stationary computer. Therefore, the scanning volumes are limited and for the time being we perform 3D scanning for parts no bigger than 35cm and at our place.

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