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We have three 3D printers in our range and each has its own function. The advantages of our DLP printer is high accuracy, detailing and capability to use printed parts for metal cast. DLP printer can print objects that are the size of a coin.

On the other hand, the advantage of FDM printers are large printing area, which gives the opportunity to print parts up to 30 cm. Also FDM printers has a wide range of materials, which it can print with, including biodegradable plastic, which is a very important factor nowadays. We also print from very durable materials such as PA and PETG.

In order for us to determine the cost of 3D printing, we need a 3D model, preferably in OBJ, STEP or STL format.

DLP printer parameters:​

3D Printing area - 192x120x200 mm;

3D Printing material - photopolymer (black, transparent, gray);

Layer thickness - 0.03-0.1 mm;

Parameters of FDM printers:

3D Printing area - 200x200x250 mm and 300x300x340 mm;

3D Printing material - PLA, PA 6/12, PETG, ASA, PC, CO-PA, etc.;

Layer thickness - 0.08-0.6 mm;


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